The information has been obtained from printed timetables and other local sources (like taking the bus) and is given in good faith.
The GIRO bus service around Albufeira is operating to the usual timetable including the later summer buses until 2200hrs



Local buses between Albufeira and nearby places - summary


Albufeira Bus Terminal is on the outskirts of town about 1.6km / 1 mile from the old town.

  Most of these buses DO NOT pass through the town centre or the main hotel areas.

Allow yourself enough time to get to there! There is more information here.
Maps for Albufeira including location of the bus station / terminal, are here.
Large map of old town showing different bus stops and other transport information here.

When boarding at the Bus Terminal, you must buy your ticket from the ticket office, except when boarding the Frota Azul bus to Messines or the local GIRO buses. Allow a few minutes for this. If boarding elsewhere, pay the driver as usual. Change is given, but try to have small change or at most a €10 note!

For more detail about these routes scroll down the page
Buses between Albufeira and most of these places do NOT have route numbers as they do in most countries.

Ferreiras and Railway Station

Algoz and Silves

Messines via Paderne

Loulé / Mar Shopping / IKEA


Algarve Shopping Mall and Albufeira Retail Park

Vilamoura, Quarteira and Faro

Lagoa, Portimão and Lagos


Messines via Guia and Algoz

São Rafael and Galé

Açoteais, Falésia and Rocha Baixinha

Albufeira Local Buses - Giro Network

Vale Navio, Quinta da Balaia

Camping Albufeira

Vale de Parra
Balaia and Olhos D'Agua
Albufeira Marina
Armação de Pêra
(only three or four times a day!)

For the bus times between Albufeira and the other main coastal resorts, click here.
Coaches (Long distance buses) To Lisbon and beyond
International services to Huelva and Seville, Spain

All buses towards Ferreiras and beyond also stop at Camping Albufeira (the stop on the main road, not the grey one just outside) about 5 minutes after leaving the bus station. Camping Albufeira is also served by the GIRO Red Route (Linha Vermelha) number 1 - click here for timetable and the Linha Laranja which runs between the main bus station, Ferreiras and the railway station - timetable. The entrance to the Clube Albufeira resort complex is opposite Camping Albufeira.


Albufeira Local Bus service – GIRO - serving Bus Station, Albufeira Camping, Ferreiras, Albufeira Railway Station, Old Town centre, Montechoro, Oura, Santa Eulália, Páteo, Marina, 'The Strip'.

giro bus

Infos en français, auf Deutsch, em Portugues içi, hier, aqui

For full detail including links to maps and timetables, please click here. Official GIRO route map here.

Maps are available locally. They are not on display at many bus stops. Timetables are NOT published, even though the buses run only every half hour at best. Buses normally used have low steps also a wheelchair ramp and are accessible to disabled persons. Fifteen seat minibuses are now being used on some journeys on weekdays and most journeys at weekends. These have a wheelchair and buggy space at the back with a ramp. new_Giro_minibus Picture to right >>>>>

Cash Fare is €1.40**, a one day ticket is €4.00. If you intend to use the service a lot, you can buy a re-chargeable pre-pay pass at the Bus Station. You can buy ten rides for €8 (ie 80 cents instead of €1,40) or 20 rides for €16, but you do have to pay a fee of €3 for the card itself. A monthly pass with unlimited journeys is €18, photo required. A Seniors monthly pass (you must be over 65) is €11 per month, photo and proof of age required. At the time of writing, card re-charges are only available at the Bus Station. You can also pick up the route map there. (The BUS SHOP in the old town has closed. There is currently no where else to obtain and recharge passes. How customer unfriendly is that!)  Pre-pay passes will deactivate if not used for 3 months. Adding credit will reactivate them. Pre-paid cards are refunded if you return them, but unused fares are not refunded.

** single tickets are valid for one hour after first issue. You can use the same ticket to change to another GIRO bus to complete your trip. If you are asked to change buses at the bus station, show your ticket to the second driver. You do not pay again.

GIRO TICKETS AND PASSES CANNOT BE USED ON OTHER BUSES, nor can tickets from EVA or Frota Azul be used on GIRO.

GIRO hours of service - summer times apply from 1st June to 30th September

Weekday departures from the bus terminal on all routes (except Laranja) are at 0700, 0730 then allegedly every half hour until 1900 in winter and 2100 in summer. In practice the departures wait while the drivers finish chatting. On Saturdays buses leave every half hour from 0700 until 1400, then every hour until 1900 in winter, 2100 in summer. On Sundays and Holidays buses leave once an hour from 0700 to 1900 in winter, 2100 in summer.

Last buses are therefore passing through the main part of town, depending on where you are, in winter between 1915 and 1945, in summer between 2115 and 2145.

For a summary of bus times in the old town area, click here. Will open in a new window.

The Linha Laranja to Ferreiras and the railway station leaves at 0640 then every half hour until 2040 in winter, 2240 in summer.


Albufeira Bus Station – Camping Albufeira - Ferreiras (12 minutes journey) – Albufeira Estação (Railway Station) (17 minutes journey)

GIRO Linha Laranja (Orange) route. Buses every 30 minutes, seven days a week.Timetable here These buses stop on the main road at Camping Albufeira and not at the bus stop immediately outside the entrance. They do NOT go to the old town nor is there a decent connection in either direction. Nearest stop to the old town is outside the Health Centre (Centro de Saúde) about 6 or 7 minutes walk.

Flat fare €1,40 cash, 80 cents with pre-pay GIRO pass card. The pass card costs €3 and can be purchased at the Bus Station. You can load it with either 10 or 20 journeys. The pass is valid on all GIRO routes but no others.





Albufeira Bus Station – Ferreiras – Algoz – Silves

As of 1st July there are THREE buses each way, daily. Temporary timetable here.

Journey times Ferreiras 8 minutes, Algoz 20 – 24, Silves 40 – 45. EVA bus

One way fare Albufeira to Silves €4.55, to Algoz €3.40.

Buses to Silves suitable for a day out leave Albufeira on weekdays at 0720, 0805, 0945 and 1235, Saturdays at 0805, 0945 and 1235, Sundays and Holidays only at 0805 and 1235. They stop in outside Albufeira Camping (opposite Clube Albufeira) five minutes and at Ferreiras eight minutes after leaving Albufeira.

Buses back from Silves after a day out are on weekdays at 1335, 1700 and 1830, Saturdays at 1335 and 1830 and on Sundays and Holidays only at 1830.



Albufeira Bus Station – Ferreiras – Paderne – São Bartolomeu Messines

As of 1st July service is still very limited. There are no buses FROM Albufeira before 1340hrs therefore a day trip is not possible.

Journey time Ferreiras 8 minutes, Paderne 21 minutes, Messines 37 to 45 minutes.

One-way fare Albufeira to Messines €4.30, Albufeira to Paderne €3.40

Weekdays two buses in the mornings then five in the afternoons, also three more as far as Paderne only. First bus to Messines is at 1235.

Saturdays : four buses to Messines; two more as far as Paderne only. The only bus on Saturday mornings is at 0720 and only as far as Paderne.

Sundays and Holidays : three buses to Messines, two more as far as Paderne only.  The first bus is not until 1340hrs.

Return from Messines

Similar pattern, but the last buses from Messines on this route are at 1430 on Sundays and Holidays, 1650 on Saturdays and 1825 on weekdays


There are other buses between Albufeira and Messines via Guia, click here  These buses also stop along the 'main road' across Albufeira at Areais São João (the strip end) and at the 'Watches' roundabout by the supermarkets.


Albufeira Bus Station – Loulé via Fontainhas and Boliqueime, also to Mar Shopping and IKEA

As of 1st July some journeys are possible!  Temporary timetable here. Times at Mar Shopping / IKEA are about 15 minutes after Loulé. Check return times carefully as they vary, but will be 15 - 20 minutes before the time at Loulé.

Journey to Loulé is 40 minutes one way fare €4.55. Inbound buses stop a few minutes walk from the Saturday morning outdoor tourist market. For the indoor market go to the bus station and walk about 5 minutes. These buses run via the stop outside the Continente supermarket on the main road in Albufeira and also the Montechoro area - see map.

Weekdays : six buses each way, Saturdays : five buses each way, Sundays and Holidays : four buses each way.

Times from Albufeira suitable for a day out : weekdays at 0800, 0840, 1015 and 1205. Saturdays at 0845, 1015 and 1205, Sundays and Holidays only at 0845 and 1205.

Coming back from Loulé in the afternoon and evening : weekdays at 1340, 1640 and 1815, Saturdays at 1325, 1515 and 1825, Sundays and Holidays only at  1515 and 1825. Be warned that the 1640 bus from Loulé on schooldays is extremely crowded!

Mar Shopping and IKEA near Loulé - there are very few buses! SUMMARY OF BUSES BETWEEN ALBUFEIRA AND MAR SHOPPING  HERE



Albufeira Bus Station - (near) Old Town – Sesmarias - (Praia de) Galé - Salgados (- Vale De Parra - Guia)

As of 1st July there are TWO buses each way between Albufeira and Salgados and on weekdays only. Temporary timetable here.

Runs via Old Town (Avenida do Ténis) and São Rafael / Sesmarias. Most buses continue beyond Galé to Salgados, some further onwards to Vale de Parra and Guia.

Diagram of the route here. Fare Albufeira - Galé is €2.35 - these buses do NOT go to Algave Shopping. The village of Guia where they stop is about 1.5km away, walking along a dangerous road with no footpath. BUS

There are seven buses a day in both directions between Albufeira and Salgados (with gaps in morning and afternoon of some 3 hours without a bus!) plus an extra one on schooldays only. No service on this route on Sundays or holidays in winter ie after second weekend of September until 1st July. Saturday service in winter is limited.



Albufeira Bus Station - Guia (Algarve Shopping and the village)

Guia Village - 1.3km or 3/4 of a mile from Algarve Shopping, along a very busy road with no footpath!

Map of Guia area and Algarve Shopping here.  As of 1st July bus service is  fairly limited.  Please check the revised timetables carefully

Guia is served by various buses that run between Albufeira, Lagoa and Portimão – click here for times - these stop outside the Algarve Shopping Mall (but 300 yards from Albufeira Retail Park) which is about ¾ mile / 1.3km outside Guia village.

Journey about 10 minutes by EVA bus - fare is €3.40. Buses are irregular and at weekends quite infrequent. Last bus to Guia on weekdays is at 2030, at weekends and holidays at 1910. Last bus from Guia to Albufeira is at 1915hrs daily.

Guia is also served by the Frota Azul bus towards Messines - see below - journey about 15 minutes from the bus terminal, 20 minutes from Areais São João. This does not go via Algarve Shopping, which is ¾ mile / 1.3km from Guia itself. Fare on that bus is €2.35.

Algarve Shopping Mall

For the temporary public bus timetable please click here. Although the timetable calls the stop 'Vale Verde' it is always called Algarve Shopping by everyone. Beware that coming from Albufeira the stop is the 'wrong' side of a very busy road. Use the bridge, even though it means an extra 200 metres to walk.

There is a free bus between certain hotels in Olhos D'Agua and Albufeira to and from Algarve Shopping until mid - October. 2020. The bus IS running, I have seen it.

The bus now runs only on weekdays. No buses at weekends or on public holidays - Monday 5th October. The early bus goes around the stops in the 'opposite' direction and therefore may stop across the road where it's the EVA (local bus company) stop they use. Best check at the hotel.

Albufeira Bus Station – Açoteias- Praia de Falésia (Alfamar resort) – Rocha Baixinha (Aquamarina and Adriana Beach Club resorts)

As of 1st July six buses are running each way each day, but most only as far as Falésia - temporary timetable here.

Journey 20 minutes to Falésia, 25 to Rocha Baixinha. runs via Continente / Modelo shopping, Areais São João (the strip), Santa Eulália, Balaia,  Olhos D'Agua, Açoteias and Falésia at the Alfamar Hotel. The stop for Rocha Baixinha is outside the Adriana Beach Club and Aquamarina resort complexes.

One way fare Albufeira to Falésia €2.35, Rocha Baixinha €3.40.

Buses run about every 2 hours on weekdays; less often at weekends. Last bus to Rocha Baixinha is at 1735 every day. Later bus as far as Falésia (Alfamar Hotel) at 1845 weekdays.


Albufeira Bus Station - Balaia - Olhos D'Água

As of 1st July a limited bus service is operating with long gaps between buses especially at weekends. The temporary timetable is here.

Journey 12 minutes to Balaia, 15 minutes to Olhos D'Agua. Runs via Continente / Modelo shopping, Areais São João, Santa Eulália

One way fare €2,35. Frequent but irregular service on weekdays, infrequent at weekends especially in the mornings towards Albufeira, in the afternoons going back. Last bus from Albufeira on weekdays is at 1930, weekends and holidays at 1900. Times of all the buses between Albufeira and Olhos D'Agua in both directions HERE


Albufeira Old Town - Bus Station- 'strip'- Quinta da Balaia - Branqueira - Vale Navio (north end)

Served regularly by Albufeira GIRO Bus Vermelha 2. Every 30 minutes weekdays and also Saturdays until 1430hrs, every hour otherwise.  Cash fare €1,40


Albufeira (Areais São João) – Albufeira Bus Station – Páteo – Guia – Algoz – S.B Messines

frotaazulbusAs of 1st July the SUNDAY service is operating every day except that the normal last bus in each direction does not run.

(operated by Frota Azul – pay the driver wherever you board!)

Six buses each way weekdays; four buses each way on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Starts from Areais São João (the strip) and stops at the Continente Modelo shopping centre near McDonald's then via Albufeira Bus Station. The nearest stop to the old town is near the 'Dolphins' roundabout at the Avenida do Ténis traffic lights.

FULL TIMETABLE click here. These buses do NOT go to Algarve Shopping, which is 1.5km from Guia village centre walking long a busy and dangerous road with no footpath.

Guia is also served by the various buses towards Lagoa and Portimão – click here for times

Páteo is also served twice every hour (hourly on Saturday afternoons, all day Sunday and Holidays) by the GIRO Linha Vermelha 1 bus - see below



As of 1st July 2020 only TWO journeys are running and on weekdays only. Temporary timetable is here.

transrapido busIn Albufeira these buses stop only in the main bus station. Seven buses each way on weekdays, but only two on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Albufeira to Faro takes 55 minutes. In Albufeira this bus stops only in the bus station. It also stops at Guia and at Algarve Shopping.Times in detail here.

For a printable copy of the official timetable leaflet (external link in a new window) click here. Fare is €4,95 on any bus.

Buses from Albufeira to Faro on weekdays at 0705, 0805, 0945, 1145, 1350, 1615 and 1830. At weekends and on holidays they run only at 0945 and 1615. 

Coming back from Faro they leave on weekdays at 0800, 0905, 1230, 1430, 1625, 1725 and 1940. At weekends and on holidays only at 1230 and 1725. There are other, much slower, buses between Albufeira and Faro via Vilamoura and Quarteira - see below.



As of 1st July 2020, the normal service is operating on the Linha Littoral route. I have crossed out other buses not running at present.

In Albufeira these buses stop only in the bus station. There are two routes, called Linha Littoral and Transrápido. Both stop at Lagoa and Portimão on the way to Lagos but only the Linha Littoral buses stop at Praia da Rocha and Alvor.

They also stop at Guia and Algarve Shopping.  Times in detail here. For a printable copy of the official Albufeira - Lagos Linha Littoral timetable leaflet (external link in a new window) click here. For the official timetable for the Transrápido buses between Albufeira, Portimão and Lagos (also external link) click here.

Journey from Albufeira to Praia da Rocha is about an hour, Alvor 1 hour 10 minutes, Lagos 1hr 30 minutes. Weekdays - direct buses from Albufeira suitable for a day out leave at 0800, 0910 and 1030. At weekends and on public holidays they leave at 0910 and 1030 only. Buses back from Alvor at 1620 and 1820 daily, these stop in Praia da Rocha at 1635 and 1835 respectively.

Fast buses from Albufeira to Lagos via Portimão, suitable for a day out, leave on weekdays at 0800, 0855, 0910, 1000 and 1030, weekends and holidays only at 0910 and 1030.

The last Linha Littoral buses from Lagos to Albufeira are at 1600 and 1800hrs daily, also the Transrápido at 1715 on weekdays. These stop at Portimão at 1640, 1740 and 1840 respectively.

There are other buses between Albufeira and Portimão. The last bus back from Portimão to Albufeira is at 1840, every day.

Fares :  Albufeira - Portimão €4,85, Albufeira - Alvor €4,95 and  Albufeira - Lagos €5,80



As of 1st July a limited bus service is operating with long gaps between buses especially at weekends. The temporary timetable is here.

Journey about 40 minutes, one way fare €4,30. Buses run once or twice an hour on weekdays, less often at weekends. In Vilamoura all buses in BOTH DIRECTIONS use the exact same stops because of the one-way traffic system. The main bus stop in Vilamoura (Praia da Marina) is near the Casino and the Dom Pedro hotels - map here.

Buses leave from the bus station in Albufeira, then run via Albufeira Shopping (stop is outside the Pingo Doce and Continente supermarkets)  along the main road, then stop at the 'strip', Santa Eulalia, Balaia etc. Click the map to see it larger size. Buses leave from Albufeira  bus station then run along the main roads across town. They do NOT stop in the old town. The nearest stop is about 10 minutes walk.


Buses from Albufeira to Vilamoura suitable for a day out (discounting those before 0900hrs!) leave on weekdays at : 0930, 1000, 1045, 1130, 1235 and 1330. At weekends and on holidays they leave only at  0930, 1135 and 1335. Coming back on weekday afternoons they leave at 1557, 1637, 1657, 1707, 1747, 1847, 1932 and 1952. At weekends and on holidays the only buses back after 1500hrs are at 1517, 1657, 1747 and 1932.

Times in detail towards Vilamoura here and coming back here including times at the other places in Albufeira where these buses stop.

The buses to Faro also stop at the Quarteira Wednesday outdoor market at Fonte Santa, about 10 minutes after Vilamoura. Check the timetables etc here.



There are no direct buses. The journey can be done six times on weekdays, four times each way at weekends and holidays, but some long waits may be required when changing buses in Lagoa. Summary of timetables temporarily removed as it's a very dfficult journey with so few buses running. Fares : Albufeira - Lagoa €4,55 and Lagoa - Carvoeiro €2,35. Separate tickets needed for each bus.



Suspended until further notice.

This links 'The Strip', Forte do Vale area, old town and Brisa Sol. This runs every 20 minutes every day from about 0900 until about 1800 in winter then every 40 minutes until about 2200, every 20 minutes from 0900 until midnight in summer. An all night service runs on New Year's Eve. Details on their website here.


How to get to Albufeira Outdoor Market, The Marina, Bullring, Algarve Shopping Mall and Albufeira Retail Park

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