A list of public holidays in Portugal checked and updated 10th January 2014

Holidays are always observed on the day they fall and are not moved to a convenient Monday as in the UK.

Buses and trains usually run to Sunday/Holiday timetables on public holidays. At Christmas and New Year timetables may be changed completely.

On Christmas Eve December 24th and New Year's Eve December 31st businesses and shops close early, around 6 or 7pm. On Christmas Eve virtually everything closes early including bars and restaurants. Some late-evening buses and trains (especially long-distance services) will not run and this information is announced about a month beforehand.

Major supermarkets are usually open all day on public and religious holidays, except on Good Friday, possibly Easter Sunday and May Day.
They are not open on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. You will need to check locally and/or nearer the time.

In tourist areas, smaller shops usually stay open all day except on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and New Year's Day when almost all shops are closed.
Small shops in the villages and of course all post offices and banks observe the holidays strictly.

School holiday breaks 2014 - apart from the obvious dates below, schools will be on holiday  for two weeks over Easter and three days at Carnaval.

School year ends on Friday 27th June 2014 for secondary (high) schools, a couple of weeks earlier (varies) for junior and primary schools.

School holiday dates for 2014 subject to minor variations according to region:

School year starts  between 12th and 16th September. Christmas and New Year break starts 17th December, lessons resume 6th January.
Carnaval break 3rd to 5th March. Easter break from Monday 7th April to Friday 21st April, lessons resume 24th April 2014

Note that starting in 2013 some public holidays were ´temporarily abolished' until 2019.


Wednesday 1st January  - New Year's Day
Tuesday 4th March - Carnaval (Shrove Tuesday) - an unofficial holiday but widely observed with many street parades etc.
Friday 18th April - Good Friday
Sunday 20th April - Easter Sunday (nb Easter Monday is not a holiday here)
Friday 25th April - Liberation Day
Thursday 1st May - Labour Day
Tuesday 10th June - Portugal Day
Tuesday 24th June - São João - this unofficial holiday is observed widely in the north of the country, but not everywhere in the south.
Friday 13th June - Feast of St Anthony - Lisbon only
Friday 15th August - Assumption
Tuesday 21st August - ALBUFEIRA Municipal holiday. Some shops and businesses will close for the day at lunchtime.**
Monday 8th December - Immaculate Conception
Thursday 25th December - Christmas Day (nb December 26th is not a holiday here)
Thursday 1st January 2015 - New Year's Day

** other cities and towns also have municipal holidays but these do not affect train times. However in some towns away from the Algarve, buses do not run.

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